What is iSalt?

The iSalt program is a leadership development and discipleship program whose goal is to teach students and adults to view the world around them as a mission field. The program includes sixteen weeks of training and preparation, and ends with an international mission tripĀ  to Bulgaria in Eastern Europe*, where the teams put what they’ve learned into practice.

To even be accepted to this team, students and adults have to show that they are already striving to live like missionaries at home and in their communities, and demonstrate that they are leaders who are ready to face challenges and do hard things. They have to commit to a lengthy preparation process which begins in March and includes completing weekly assignments-learning, growing and stretching themselves beyond their normal commitments to school, jobs, church and whatever else they do. They also have to be committed to serving as leaders both at home and on future mission trips, whether through iSalt, their own churches or other organizations. As you can see, the iSalt program is much more than just a trip – it’s a leadership development program that includes a trip. Graduates of the iSalt program will not only see the world differently, they will have the practical skills necessary to lead teams in serving others, wherever God takes them!

The commitment to this team requires a great deal from each person, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – but we believe that the results will far outweigh the investment. We look forward to seeing leaders who will not just go to church, but who will BE the church – in everything they do.

* We go to Bulgaria, and you see a lot about Bulgaria on this site, because that’s where God has called us to serve long-term. We also work closely with ministries in Haiti and Nicaragua. If you have been called to serve in any of these locations, or somewhere else, we can help you customize the iSalt program for your group and that location. Contact us at info@iSalt.org to begin the conversation!