The Apostle Paul was very clear about the importance of support from friends and believers as he traveled around the world to share the gospel. It’s no different today – we cannot do what we do without the support of people like you. The prayers and support of people from around the planet have helped our teams to fly a combined total of over 750,000 miles, touching down in six countries on two continents – and we’re just getting started! In fact, we have a name for people who support the iSalt program:


So how can you become a Saltshaker? It’s easy.


This is the most important thing you can do, before anything else. We can tell you that prayer absolutely, positively, 100% of the time, always and unapologetically works.


The truth is, it’s expensive to do this, and no one on our team can afford to do it on their own. But that’s the amazing thing about the Church. We understand that all of the money belongs to God anyway, and if he calls us to do something, He always provides a way. We do not take your gifts for granted. All we ask is that you prayerfully consider a tax-deductible gift (above and beyond your normal tithe) to the iSalt program. If God is not calling you to give to this ministry, then we don’t want or need your money. If he is, there are several ways you can give.


If you’d like to adopt one or more of our missionaries and send along some notes of encouragement from home, which will be opened at random times during our travel, let us know! Amidst all of the hectic schedules, long rides on buses, trains, planes and other forms of transportation, being crowded together constantly, and being in a place that is far from home with strange food and a strange language, a note from someone back home who is praying for you and thinking of you is like a ray of sunshine! Email if you are interested in adopting a missionary.


We would love to visit your church or group and share about what God is doing through this ministry. To talk more about what this might look like, contact

Other Gifts.

While cash is the easiest gift to travel with, and can be used for almost any need that arises in the field, we do occasionally take other supplies and gifts to help our friends overseas. In the past, we’ve taken school supplies, craft supplies, backpacks, clothes and other items that can be given directly to those in need or given to the Bulgarian churches to distribute. Our teams have limited space to pack, so before collecting these kinds of gifts, please contact us at to talk about it!