So, what does it take to be on the iSalt Bulgaria team? Here’s what we’re looking for: Students and Adults who are…

  • Committed to growing in their faith. This includes regular personal Bible study and prayer time.
  • Already living intentionally as missionaries, both at home and in their communities (school, work, etc.). We want to hear how you’re sharing the love of Christ with the people you see every day.
  • finishing at least their sophomore year of high school by spring 2014.
  • Willing to commit to weekly assignments. Some are easy, some more difficult, all are mandatory.
  • Willing to make the mandatory team meetings. There will be at least two of these.
  • Willing to commit to sharing what they’re doing with everyone they can. We need all of the prayer and financial support we can get. Even if you’ve already raised your own funds, you can add to the ministry account that enables us to help others.
  • Willing to be made uncomfortable. While God uses our talents and abilities to help things flow smoothly, he uses the areas where we are weak to show how powerful He is!
  • Willing to be an example. We expect you to be a leader at home, in your community and everywhere else you go – ALL THE TIME. We reserve the right to ask you questions, challenge you and encourage you all the time. If at any time we feel that you are not living up to the commitments you’ve agreed to, we reserve the right to tell you can’t get on the plane with us*.
* This is one of the reasons we are very careful about our application/interview process. If we feel there are issues that need to be addressed, we will talk to you and give you every opportunity to correct them – however, our ultimate responsibility is to represent God to those who may have never had the opportunity to see or hear of him before, and we take this responsibility very seriously. If we have to remove you from the team, we will be unable to refund any money that has already been spent (i.e. plane tickets, insurance, etc.) on you.