Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be from your denomination?

No. iSalt is an interdenominational ministry. We have had team members from many denominations serve with us. However, we do adhere to historical tenets of the Christian faith. Check out our Statement of Faith, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask us!

Is there an age requirement?

Yes. Maybe. Sort of. We accept students who have completed their sophomore year of high school by the time we travel, and adults of any age. We also love the idea of families serving together, so we will consider younger students who are taking part on the team with one or more parents.

How long is the trip?

In 2014, we will have two different options. Both will travel to Bulgaria together. One group will return to the U.S. after nine days, the other will stay on for an additional seven (total of sixteen) days.

How much does it cost?

The nine-day trip will cost $2900.00 and the sixteen-day trip will cost $3200.00. This includes everything from the time we meet at the airport until we get back to the airport – all travel, lodging, food, expenses, with the exception of souvenir money.

I can’t afford that!?

You are in good company. Neither can we. On our family income, we can’t afford for one of us to go to Bulgaria each year, let alone two and sometimes three members of our family. However, God has called us to do this, and God has plenty of money. When God calls, God provides. This is one of the reasons we take so much care with our application process – we want you to be sure that God is the motivation behind your participation.

Do I need a passport?


What language do they speak in Bulgaria?


Do I need a lot of shots?

No. We recommend an up-t0-date tetanus shot, and that you ask your doctor for their advice.

What if I don’t do the assignments?

Then you don’t go to Bulgaria with us. Another reason why we’re very careful about the application process…

Will I be able to contact my family while I’m gone?

Yes. Most of the time we are in Bulgaria, we are not far from internet access (although this can get tricky in some small towns and in the mountains). We make a point of finding ways for you to periodically check in with people from home. We also provide emergency contact numbers. Have more questions? Shoot us an email.

Are you called to another location, but want to incorporate the iSalt training into your process?

We’d love to help. Contact us to start the conversation.