What will my donation be used for?

Each iSalt team member is responsible for raising their own funds for their trip. Once these funds are raised, any additional funds go directly to the team “ministry account.” This money can then be used for a variety of things. In the past, our teams have:
  • Paid for orphans to attend camp
  • Bought Christian books and music for orphanages
  • Paid for orphans to spend two days in Sofia, shopping, eating out and seeing a movie (things that we take for granted, but which they never get to do!)
  • Helped publish Christian books in Bulgarian
  • Bought supplies for construction and repair of community playgrounds
  • Bought gifts (including razors, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste and candy) for orphans
  • School supplies for orphans
  • Bought food for many orphans, street kids and needy people
  • Bought much-needed winter clothes for children
  • Bought new clothes, shoes and toys for street kids
  • Bought Bibles which were then distributed to people in parks
  • much, much more!

Is my donation tax deductible?

Possibly – if you work with your home church to become Saltshakers and support this ministry. You can make donations to your church, and they can send them directly to us:
169 Carmel Woods Drive
Ellisville, MO

Checks should be made out to Shawn and/or Natalie Key.
If you’re not worried about a tax deduction, you can send your donation directly to the address above, or donate online: